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Stop the Rodent Spray™ is non-lethal, non-corrosive, and easy to apply. Stop the Rodent Spray™ formula uses highly concentrated peppers in a formula designed specifically for application to automotive wiring and hoses. Our formula is so concentrated that it can only be applied in well ventilated areas, but with this many degrees of heat you will have no more trouble from pesky rodents. 24 fl ozs. 

  • UPC: 075693319660
  • Manufacturer: Martin's Pest Control Products

1 Gallon Economical size and long-lasting residual that controls lice, horn flies, biting and sucking lice. 1% pour-on is safe for use on beef cattle, cows and calves. A gallon treats 378 head of 600 lb cattle. No treatment cutoff date or withdrawal interval.

This product is an IAT engine coolant. The corrosion inhibitor package is based on a low silicate, borate / phosphate formulation. It is designed for use in older model cars and light duty trucks. It can be used in heavy duty diesel vehicles when used in combination with a SCA. 1 Gal.

Fresh Cab® keeps mice out of homes, cabins, basements, attics, garages, sheds, and storage units. It protects stored vehicles, boats, RVs, ATVs, campers, snowmobiles, farm equipment, and key storage areas for businesses. It repels mice from pet food, bird seed, and livestock feed… just about anywhere mice like to get into. Fresh Cab® is the ONLY botanical rodent repellent effective enough to be registered by the Federal EPA and trusted by licensed pest control experts for BOTH effectiveness and safety.    

  • Manufacturer: Starbar

Sticky fly trap sticks that can be used indoors or out. Fly Stik™ fly trap at 24 inches contains no insecticides and is odor-free. Great for use in and around barns, stables, corrals and homes.

  • Manufacturer: Scotts

Kills flies so you don't have to! Flies eat bait and start to die within 1 minute. Easy, clean removal, no sticky residue. 2 discreet designs included: clear and floral.

  • UPC: 613499080110
  • Manufacturer: GardenTech

Fire Ants live in colonies, packed together like a 24-hour backyard party. So it’s no wonder they’re so eager to take a detour for some grub. Enter the best bouncer ever, Over‘n Out!® Advanced Fire Ant Killer granules.

  • Manufacturer: Chapin Home and Garden Family of Sprayers
  • Model Number: 61700N

Hands free sprayer for large jobs. Large pump makes pressurizing quick with less pumping. Internal 4 position spray valve for expert pressure control from 15 psi to 60 psi. Padded carry straps for fatigue free operation. Easy operating spray handle with continuous spray feature. Positionable pump handle for right or left hand used. Multi-use nozzle tips included.

  • Manufacturer: Country Vet

Country Vet CV-80D offers instant knockdown and quick kill of flying insects. Contains 0.50 pyrethrins and 4 piperonyl butoxide in a solvent base, making it ideal for animal or premise use. Aerosol spray for easy application, and the non water-based formula never requires shaking. 18.5 oz.

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

QuickBayt® Spot Spray can be applied on virtually any surface in and around hobby and recreational farms and rural environments where house flies congregate — cattle, sheep and goat facilities, dog kennels and horse stables. Easy to apply.

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

QuickBayt® Fly Bait controls nuisance flies in or around livestock production facilities, poultry houses and horse stables. Starts killing nuisance flies in as little as 60 seconds.

  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

An effective fly spray that won't sweat off! Stays active and keeps working, even in wet conditions, providing up to 14 days fly control. RepeLock® conditioner binds to the hair shaft and won't sweat off. 32 oz.

  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

Repels house, stable, face, and horn flies. Effective for hours. For use on horses, ponies and dogs.Protects against biting and nuisance flies. Formulated for use around wounds, sores, scratches and abraisons, SWAT® ointment is your go-to solution. Ideal for use on sensitive, hard-to-reach areas. Available in Original Pink or Clear Formula; 6 oz. jar.

  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

Equitrol® II pellets in horse's feed prevent development of stable and house fly larvae in the manure of treated horses.Highly palatable feed. Available in 3.75 lb (60-day supply).

  • Manufacturer: Nature's Guide

100% organic. Pure form of Diatomaceous Earth. Can be added to animal food. Used as anti-caking agent. 12 oz or 10 lb.

  • Manufacturer: Nature's Guide

100% Red Cedar chips. Repels mosquitos, flies, snakes, ants, roaches, and more. Safe and easy to apply. Built in applicator.

  • Manufacturer: Dow Building Products
  • Sendero is the new standard for mesquite control.
  • Provides control at more than 10 percentage points better than Remedy Ultra plus Reclaim.
  • Does not harm desirable grasses and has a minimal impact on desirable forbs.
  • Specifically designed for rangeland and pasture use.
  • Translocates quickly and completely to the bud zone to control mesquite.
  • Provides residual activity on broadleaf weeds to control later-emerging species, such as invasive thistles, broomweed, croton and bitter sneezeweed.
  • Is not a federally Restricted Use Pesticide.

  • Manufacturer: Dow Building Products
  • Delivers superior control of Pensacola bahiagrass in established bermudagrass pastures.
  • Offers a more consistent option for clearing buckbrush.
  • Provides broad-spectrum control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds.

  • Manufacturer: Dow Building Products
  • Superior control of encroaching brush with residual control of broadleaf weeds.
  • Excellent control of horsenettle, thistles, pricklypear, blackberry, honey locust, Chinese tallowtree, huisache.
  • Thorough translocation kills hard-to-control brush like pricklypear and locust.
  • Does not contain 2,4-D.
  • Gentle to desirable grasses.
  • Absorbed through roots, foliage and stems.
  • Pre-emergence and soil residual activity on weeds emerging after application.
  • Low-volatility.

  • Manufacturer: Dow Building Products

Flexible, long-lasting brush control. Controls more than 35 brush species, plus many important broadleaf weeds.

  • UPC: 050197502245
  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions

For use on roses, flowers, and vegetables. May be used on edible crops up to and including day of harvest. Indoors, outdoors use and in greenhouses on: fruit and nut trees, flowering plants, vegetables, figs, small.