Product Catalog

The 16 oz. can is designed for first response and ideal for most small fires. Easy to manage and lightweight. Fits into a small storage area. Perfect for the car, home, garage, boat, and workshop. Non-corrosive – no damage to the engine or other parts.

  • Model Number: EUH341

This Comfort Glow Milkhouse Style is housed in a metal cabinet that includes a carry handle and tip-over guards. Features include dual power settings, automatic thermostat, accidental tip-over shut-off, and power-on indicator light. Includes 120V, 16 gauge 3-prong grounded power cord.

  • Model Number: 1952

Insulated plastic is designed to easily slide onto outdoor hose bibs to help prevent faucet freeze ups. Compression fit for quick and easy slide-on installment. Fits all standard outdoor hose bibs. No nuts to tighten; no cords to pull. Simply slide it on.

  • Model Number: 1950

Nation Wide Products, 1950, Oval, Outdoor Faucet Insulation Cover with Styrofoam Shell. This durable and thick Styrofoam faucet cover is built to keep your pipes protected from freezing cold temperatures and windy conditions! Easy to install, simply put the loop over faucet handle/spout and secure. 

  • Manufacturer: Convenience Prod Inc

Home Seal™ is an all-purpose, minimum expanding foam sealant designed to fill smaller cracks and voids in both indoor and outdoor applications. It can be used to fill small gaps in walls, around exhaust vents, plumbing fixtures, baseboards, sill plates, siding edges, skylights and more. 12 oz. can. 

  • Manufacturer: Wrap-on Company Inc
  • Model Number: 1006

Prevents frozen water pipes to –50ºF. Simply wrap on, insulate and plugin. Engineered for use on metal and rigid plastic pipes. Uses an exclusive Press-To-Test™ button so you can test the cable before installing. A built-in thermostat turns the cable on at 38ºF. Proven low-wattage design uses up to 65 percent less energy at 2 watts a foot vs. other cables at 7 watts a foot and protects to –50ºF. An exclusive power sensor light glows when the thermostat is closed.

  • Manufacturer: YETI

We built the Rambler 10 oz Lowball to be your all-day drinking buddy, from your first cup of joe to your last nightcap. Along the way, the double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold far longer than standard mugs or cocktail glasses. And unlike your favorite bourbon glass, this lowball will never shatter on impact or leave a ring on your coffee table thanks to its 18/8 stainless steel construction and No Sweat™ Design. Taking your beverage to go? Pop on the optional Rambler 10/20oz lid to avoid splashing your beverage. Dishwasher safe.

  • Manufacturer: STIHL

No-Spill® fuel containers advance convenience and quality in gasoline-can design by reducing emissions of hydrocarbons from evaporation, permeation and spillage. This helps protect the environment as well as saves you on fuel costs due to waste. Each container is molded from fluorinated, high molecular weight material for low permeation. The thumb-button flow control allows filling even smaller-sized tanks reducing the risk of spilling and is designed to stop the flow automatically when the tank becomes full to prevent overflowing.

  • UPC: 011423941375

Effective protection from mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, ticks, no-see-ums and biting flies for hours.

A Circle J Fabrication fire pit is the perfect addition to any backyard, campground, or ranch.

  • Model Number: 765665000474

Pit Features: Wood rack, 24x24 Fire box & Smoker, Air cooled spring handle, Casters for easy relocation, Grease drain and hook for bucket, Pre-threaded hole for temperature gauge (1/2inch NPT), Heat transfer shield with adjustable baffles, Slide out grills and ash trays for easy clean out, Liquid reservoir evaporator for beer, apple juice or water, and made of 3/16 Gauge Steel.

  • Manufacturer: YETI

The YETI Hopper™ 20 is a personal, portable, anything but soft-sided cooler. Easily transport at least 12 icy cans to the lake or your next tailgate using the sturdy handles or carrying strap. 

  • Manufacturer: YETI

The YETI Colster™, part of our Rambler™ series, represents the next evolution in can-insulating, hand-protecting technology. All the powers of modern science were brought to bear on this drink insulator to keep the contents of your 12 oz can or bottle chilled, including double-wall vacuum insulation and a ThermoLock™ Gasket that locks in the cold. The heavy-duty stainless steel walls are sweat-proof, so you can high-five with impunity while enjoying a tasty beverage.

  • Manufacturer: YETI

We hate when our favorite beverage loses its frosty (or piping hot) goodness before we can fully enjoy it. That’s why we over-engineered our Rambler Tumblers with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation.

  • Model Number: RJV20

Rojo™ Float Valves are float operated valves for automatic filling of water storage vessels. The Rojo™ can be mounted above or below water level. It is a simple mechanically operated valve. The Rojo™ is a good choice where its low flow  is sufficient and its compact non corrosive construction is beneficial.

This product is an IAT engine coolant. The corrosion inhibitor package is based on a low silicate, borate / phosphate formulation. It is designed for use in older model cars and light duty trucks. It can be used in heavy duty diesel vehicles when used in combination with a SCA. 1 Gal.

The Thermo Cube® is a unique temperature controlled electrical device.  It operates with any 15 amp 120 volt electric heater or fan and plugs directly into a standard outlet.  It is thermostatically controlled and turns the power on and off automatically, according to outside ambient air temperature.

  • Model Number: S420-6

The Fix-A-Flat® 16 oz Aerosol Tire Inflator seals punctures and inflates the tire in seconds without the need for a jack, spare tire or any tools, allowing you to get off the road and to a service station where an approved repair can be made.

  • Model Number: 1586

No stooping involved. Pick up pecans under all conditions. Pecans pop into wire container. Pick up one or a bucketful. Proven practical and just plain fun!

12 oz. Melts ice, snow, and frost on contact. Thaws frozen locks. Effective to sub-zero temperatures.

Pre-filled propane cylinder with quality steel construction, a stable base and reliable valves provide safe and easy-to-use operation. Cylinder is a universal size and fits all standard portable propane appliances, tabletop grills and propane torches.

  • Model Number: CTK30SET

This kit includes 30 of the most commonly used sockets used in the Mechanical industries. It is ideal for the seasoned veteran or beginner alike. And with the most trusted name of Crescent™ you know you are getting a quality tool set!

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision

These Sinking De-icers operate at the bottom of the tank where they are less likely to be disturbed by livestock. Thermostatic control coupled with thermal feedback protects the unit from overheating, while positioning the thermostat above the heating element ensures safety in low-water conditions. Each unit comes complete with a galvanized wire guard for use in plastic tanks.

  • Manufacturer: YETI

We hate when our favorite beverage loses its frosty (or piping hot) goodness before we can fully enjoy it. That’s why we over-engineered our Rambler Tumblers with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation.

  • Manufacturer: Bayou Classic
  • Model Number: 700-701

The 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer deep fryer is a revoloutionary way to deep fry, and now is made of all stainless steel. The V-bottom design helps keep the oil temperature lower at the bottom so the batter does not burn and the oil stays clean. This deep fryer is a great fish cooker, and makes quick time of french fries and hush puppies. The Bayou Fryer is also ready to cook. It includes 2-stainless steel baskets with cool touch handles, a temperature guage, drain valve, extension legs, 10 PSI preset regulator, and a stainless braided hose.